This is some rather important news in the world of tube testers.
There has never been anything else like it.



You don't have to imagine.  A unique marriage between modern computer technology and a fantastic Hickok built tube tester from days gone by has resulted in an instrument unmatched in the industry.  It is everything you have ever wanted in a tube tester and more.

There is a lot of information here.  Please feel free to kick back, stay a while, take it all in, and ask questions!


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04-14-2016: Extremely detailed 273 page PDF added to the Design page.

03-14-2016: Database updated to fix low reading 12AX7 and related tubes. See the changes here.

02-20-2016: An IBM Thinkpad laptop is now included free of charge with each system!

1-01-2006: The 10-pin miniature sockets, 7-pin Nuvistor socket, and Acorn socket are now optional. See the pricing page for details.

11-25-2005: Software Version 1.12 released. Use the links for Version 1.10 below to read about it.

01-09-2005: Software Version 1.10 released. See what's been added here. Also read about Undocumented Advanced Features.

This is a custom built hardware device that wires into the Hickok or Western Electric Cardmatic Tube Testers (any Cardmatic model except the 121/123).  If you are not familiar with the Cardmatic testers, click here.  They are designed and built very well, and since they contain rock steady programmable power supplies they provide an ideal platform for adapting to computer control.

Using professional and sophisticated software, along with a comprehensive tube database, the device controls the tester just like a card would.  Except, now that it is under computer control, all kinds of possibilities open up.  The tester itself is not modified in any way, a wiring harness simply connects to the same points the card reader connects to.  If you already have a Cardmatic tester, you can ship it to us and we will return it to you refurbished, wired, and ready to use with your computer.

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Here are some comments we have received from satisfied customers, including many major tube dealers:

I think this is the coolest piece of gear I own!

Christian Magee

You've done a nice job of simplifying our job!

Dale Rogalski
Radio Electric Supply 
The Bitmatic was a godsend for our business.....a rugged, reliable unit, with an incredibly easy to use ergonomic computer interface, which not only has an incredibly extensive built in library of tubes, but the ability to customize tests (and parameters), and add additional tube types, by the end user themselves.  Well done Phil !  Not sure how we did it before...but like the introduction of E-Mail and the FAX machine before it, the Bitmatic has become an indispensable tool for our tube business.   Moreover, the customer service in support of it (software updates, etc...) is first rate.

Chris Johnson, President

I am very pleased with the ease of operation and full range of tubes that the unit can test. We are looking forward to making the computerized tester the workhorses of our quality control testing.

Greg Cravener
Antique Electronic Supply

Over the last year and a half, Phil's tube tester has become an integral part of our daily operation.  As we guarantee the performance and reliability of every tube we install in our clients' equipment, we have to be confident in the test results of each unit. Phils' tester is the center piece of our Quality Assurance process.

Jim Hildenberger
Analog Brothers
The computerized tube tester has speeded up our tube testing and it tests an amazing range of tubes.  We had to keep several tube testers around to test different tubes.  Now they have become standby units.  The support has been great.

Phillip Sellati
Fair Radio Sales

SND Tube Sales

I love this thing!

Michael Marx

Signal Systems Industries

You have done the industry a definite service with your unit.  Your tube testing should become THE standard.  I think that anyone that has any quantity of tubes to test should order one or they are nuts.

Russ Fox
Signal Systems Industries, Inc.


"Don't let that clown get a hold of a Tek 570."

One year warranty on materials and workmanship. Please do not send your tester without prior authorization.

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